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Driveway Cleaning

We are based in Plymouth and specialise in the cleaning and sealing of block paved driveways throughout Devon and Cornwall.

The majority of block paved driveways are very porous and quickly encourage the growth of moss, weeds, lichen and algae. This is particularly prevalent on north facing driveways or shaded areas.

We will pressure clean the driveway first with a flat headed rotary cleaner to wash away any surface growth. We will then go over the entire area with a powerful cleaning lance to clean out the dirt between the joints of the block paving.

Our driveway refurbishment is done in stages:-

  • The paving is pre-treated with fungicidal wash or weed killer
  • Oil or grease stains are trested and removed
  • The paved area is washed off with a rotary headed cleaner and lance
  • All the joints are re-sanded
  • High quality paving sealers are applied to protect the paving.

We are very confident you will be happy with our driveway cleaning and sealing service that will leave your paving looking totally transformed. The sealer will also keep the surface of the paving looking good for many years to come.

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If you live in Plymouth or any other area in Devon and Cornwall and have a driveway that requires cleaning and sealing, please ask for a FREE quotation by calling 07968 096808 or 01752 515887 or make your enquiry online by clicking here.